This #followfriday is dedicated to Camille Strowger of BezzeraEspresso.

I have had the pleasure of great conversation this week, especially about #coffee – so fascinating! It all started through twitter, where I discovered a confident and outspoken person talking to some of my tweeps, it was @BezzeraEspresso. So I struck up a conversation.

Camille is a young entrepreneur; very passionate about coffee and people. She recently started selling Bezzera Coffee Machines in New Zealand and has done a great job to promote the conversation about coffee. Coffee is, apparently, something many people are passionate about, and love talking about.

Camille tells me that she became very passionate about coffee when she made her first latte, while working in a café years ago. She now talks about it to everyone she can, drinks it all day, and sells machines that are beautifully engineered.

If you are a coffee-o-holic, or just love talking to a great conversationalist, connect with Camille at @BezzeraEspresso.

Thanks Camille for the great conversation, I look forward to buying myself a machine soon.

Want to know more about Camille and Bezzera Coffee Machines? Follow her on twitter, find her on Facebook, visit her website and have fun talking to Camille.