Ever wondered how the world should work? Should people be treated exactly the same, equally? Or should we simply be given the same opportunities?

I am of the strong opinion that everyone is given opportunities in life, and it is the actions we take as individuals that defines us. I believe that in life, we should be given equal chance to attend school, be given equal rights, be treated the same way as others and have the same opportunities as others. I do not believe that you should be the right over someone else with the same opportunity, to win over them. The competition should be judged fairly and equally – and the deciding party should not be influenced unfairly in any way – other than by significant factors.

For example, in South Africa apartheid was a huge problem, and whites were given, not only preference but, complete freedom over blacks. This is not equal opportunity, the black man does not have the same right to compete for a job as the white man. Unfortunately, despite the shift in power from whites to black, in South Africa, the discrimination continues. However, the system works in favour of the black man. This is not fair to either party, and is not a free environment.

I believe that everyone should be given equal opportunity. I am a believer in the the Free Market Economy, I believe that everyone should be able to make every choice that affects them personally, on their own, and should not be forced to do so. I believe that an employer in South Africa should be told by the government that he must employ a black man, regardless of whether the better candidate is white, indian or black. This is not a good system of control.

My vote is for everyone to have equal opportunities in life, and then the freedom to choose which of those opportunities they take. They should have the opportunity to go to school, the opportunity to be treated on equal grounds, and the opportunity to make their own choices unrestricted by government. If I have better skills, experience and knowledge I deserve to be paid for those assets.

Why should I earn the same amount as a street sweeper, when I have spent the time being educated, and making an effort to pushing my life in a particular direction? Why should I be told what I am worth, instead of determining that and seeking that for myself?

My question to you is: do you vote equality or equal opportunity? Why?