Twitter has been a great resource for expanding my professional network. But I never could have imagined making amazing friendships.

Having connected through twitter, met in person as various events, and now meeting regularly as friends, I have realised what an amazing and motivated person Jason is. He is truly an inspiration to us all.

A few of the things I love about Jason:

  1. He is a talented networker – charming, practiced and I suppose his love of people is an added bonus. He is a testament to how to connect with people, and his philosophy is to help out every person he meets in some way.
  2. He is a giver. This is great, and as I mentioned before, he is out there to help people first, before asking for anything in return. This philosophy puts him in great stead for the future, which I imagine being a “gifting-driven” economy. Good on you, Jase.
  3. Jase is great to talk to, always has something interesting to say, or someone amazing to talk about. Meeting with Jason is fun and engaging, sometimes I don’t want to leave.
  4. Finally, he is an asset – a connector. I am an ideas man, and have only just started building my network. I have two ideas at the moment waiting to be acted on. Both of which, I wish only to spark, not manage myself. I have asked Jase whether he can connect me with people to get them started – which he has done a great job of. Thanks Jase.

If you want to connect with a great mind, find Jason here:

Blog – The People People – (all about networking and people)

Thanks, Jase, for being a great friend.