I am the co-founder and CEO of Vital Link Group; a company dedicated to empowering the fair trade industry. We aim to connect and create a community for fair trade consumers, producers, and organisations.

I understand the value of fair trade to people in poverty; by supporting one fair trade producer, you support an entire community. I want to make a difference to that producer, that community.

I am very proud about our first step towards achieving this goal. We have created an application that you can use on Facebook, called Vital Gifts. It let’s you make a difference to people in poverty, just by giving a fair trade gift to your friend.

Another project I am doing is to help fair traders: I want to equip you with the skills to argue for fair trade, Check out the Fair Trade Argument Series.

I do have a life outside of work. And, often, it involves a physical battle on the hockey field, a mental journey while reading a book, or conversational stimulation when talking with friends, family and mentors. I am, also, completing the final 6 courses of my Bachelor of Commerce part-time at the University of Auckland, in New Zealand.

I enjoy connecting with people; whether you are a fair trader, an entrepreneur or just someone with a passion for the world, I want to hear from you.

Thanks for listening. Justin out!

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