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Well end score was 4-1 to ABC. Not great considering we were 0-0 at half time.

We played really well the first half, controlling the game and holding possession. However, start of the second half, a lapse in concentration meant that we let in two quick (soft) goals.

We played a little half-hearted for the next 15 minutes due to the sudden change in the game. We kept throwing the ball away and trying to play a long game. We let in a further two goals, and put one in ourself. It was the final 10 minutes that we really decided to come to the party. We shortened the game, and linked well with each other. As a result, we had many circle penetrations and a few PC opportunities. This week, it was great to see the early shots on goal from good D penetrations. Just need to put them away 😛

In the first half we held the ball well at the back. However, right from the start of the second half ABC kept at least one, sometimes two, attackers quite high. This meant we had fewer options to go back and around or hold the ball at the back. This had probably the biggest impact on our game, and resulted in us holding less possession.

What did we improve upon?

  • We were great at holding possession in the first half, and in the final 10 minutes
  • Goal scoring opportunities and shots on goal were a vast improvement from past weeks. Great work from the forwards and the midfield in taking the opportunities that we had.
  • There was great strength in the midfield in terms of skills and linking with each other.
  • From my perspective, the leading was phenomenal! there were at least three great passes made from excellent leading. Keep this up boys!

What we should focus on?

  • We really need to get stronger with marking from the halves. Using our bodies to restrict the ensuing attackers, and getting harder in the tackles. Also, need to work on relationships and trust at the back. Work with each other. There were parts of the game that were excellent in this respect.
  • When under pressure, hold the ball, and look for the first pass available to you. Pass early and crisply.
  • Keep the game short for 95% of the game!

Low Point

The two early goals, as a result of poor marking from the halves creating opportunities for their attackers to penetrate the D. The low point was right after this, when the morale dropped. We need to keep our heads up boys.

High Point

At the end of the game, when we working really well together, we had about 6 D penetrations in 10 minutes, and 2 PC’s. Good for a 10 min spell.

Personal Feedback from self:

  • Start working together and compromising with team members.
  • Be harder in the tackle, and use Matt’s advice – aim an extra foot further.
  • Look to pass earlier


Exhilirating! We won ECB 2-3 HDF. Woohoo! Well done boys! Almost forgot the feeling of winning, phew.

Was a great game to be a part of. We started off a little shaky though. ECB started off by scoring 2 goals in the first half.

So we changed tactics. We shortened up the game, and got harder on the defence.This meant that we had control, we held the ball longer, turned it over less, and frustrated the hell out of ECB.

A series of short passes down the field lead to some great opportunities to score in the D. As a result, Haydon scored 2 beauties -straight shots on goal that came off like rockets – keeper had no chance!

What did we improve upon?

  • We were great at retaining possession, as soon as we shortened the game, and that gave us control and composure.
  • Our defence was stronger, we communicated well and general basics were a vast improvement.
  • Our midfield and inners worked well together to get the ball to the forwards, instead of smashing it through as usual.

What we should focus on?

  • Still need to work on those goal scoring opportunities and basics at the front. We need to trap the ball cleanly, look for the early pass, slow play down when there is no support, and take opportunities when we have them.
  • Playing like we did today, every day!

Low Point

At times there was conflict between me an Rupert, as to what we should each be doing. Different playing styles, just means there is confusion about each of our roles. I did not enjoy arguing, and I apologise. The more we play together, the easier we can work this through. 🙂

High Point

Loved this one! Made an intercept in midfield today, and as a result had a good clear run forward at ECB’s defence. I passed the ball forward to Haydon, and we both took off, I tried to provide attacking support, and we got most of the way to the D. Was a great scoring opportunity. However, after that run, and then running back, I was knackered! FITNESS!

Personal Feedback from self:

  • Great communication today, despite the conflict. It made coordinating the defence stronger, and more structured.
  • Tackling was good, and reading of the play, covering of lines. This gave me plenty of opportunity to intercept or at least stop passes getting past me.
  • Wasn’t as physical as I have been in the last 3 games. So need to work on that.
  • Fitness, once again! A resounding problem, getting to work on this!

Let me know if you have anything to add 😛

Result: 4-0 to NSU, at half-time though 0-0.

What a great game to start off with, and I would have paid loads to have called it at half-time. We were frustrating the hell out of NSU, and playing smart, short hockey.

Finally, fitness (lack of) kicked in and we were were marking too loosely in the 25′ and the D. They just had too much space, and plenty of time to shoot at MrAwesome. Too bad, really, we could have potentially won that. As a team, we really need to settle the goal scoring opportunities. We are not trapping the ball and then shooting cleanly.

To be honest, we would have had a good chance at winning that, if we had our whole team there. We were all over the place at times, because there were many of us playing out of position. Thanks to all the players who filled in, especially Genghis – legend!

Personal criticisms and improvements to make:

Get more mongrel – gotta be more aggressive (ball/player mentality)!

Tighter marking!

Let me just start out by saying that I do not want to write this at all. Playing Mahu and losing 8-0 is an embarrassment I do not want to mention. However, I decided that I need to write all this down, so here goes.

The team was short a few key players, so we decided on a different structure and strategy to usual. We also had players in positions they were not accustomed to. At the start of the match we just had no clue, we weren’t communicating effectively, we weren’t playing as a team, we were panicking. It was dogs bollocks out there and I had no idea what to do. All credit to Mahu, they put us under so much pressure, that we just kept throwing the ball away.

So, not a good game, certainly not a lot that I am proud of.

Personal Feedback from self:

  • Communication was poor, tbh I really just had no clue what to do, so I couldn’t tell the team what to do. The structure wasn’t working, and so any changes I made were not permanent.
  • Marking was not great, a lot of confusion about who should mark the CF. The structure we decided on just was not suitable for the game, and we should have adapted.
  • When we were overlapped, I did not dive into any tackles. Instead I held off and gave our midfield time to get back and defend. This worked on most occasions, but sometimes it meant having to leave my player, which opened him up to the pass.

Low Point

The whole match was a pretty terrible, particularly near the end where we were consistently overlapped in defence and Mahu scored 4 goals.

High Point

[Not so amazing but I was proud of it] I was marking Bobby at CF and anticipated a pass that would be thrown to him, as a result I intercepted it, and had a set up a series of passes that gave us a D penetration.

Team Discussion Points

  1. Structure – need to sort this out, we have been playing a particular way the whole season and changing the structure was detrimental to the outcome of the match and the cohesion of the team.
  2. Midfield – needs to play their part on the defence, as a defensive unit, if you don’t mark your man – we have to step off ours and that creates 2-on-1’s the whole way down the field.
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