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Reaching for the stars is never an easy task, and not any easier if you have no money to do it. I am currently studying part time and spending 40+ hours a week working (unpaid) on Vital Link Group – the company I founded with two friends in April 2010. I love my job, my life, the people I meet and most of all the people I work with. Life is good, but tough.

Because I am studying and working simultaneously, I have no spare time to get a paying job. So week-to-week, I struggle to keep up with my bank account – funding the company, and the networking I am doing is a hard ask whilst trying to live. BUT, I need your help. There are some things I need very dearly, and you can help just a little bit towards them.

How can you help?

  1. iPhone. I need to be mobile in my work, I spend upwards of 6 hours a week at my computer working on Vital Link. I lose a big chunk of my day waiting at meetings, riding the bus and being somewhere I can’t work on a computer. Having an iPhone solves that problem. Can you help me, just a little? (Progress: $40/$550 raised)
  2. Travel, Accomodation, Connections. Vital Link is launching in New Zealand and Australia on October 4th. However, we have big plans to go overseas and are really easily scalable in new markets. I need to travel to the USA and UK as soon as I can. If you can help me with money, with accomodation or with any contacts that can help, please email me, justin@vitallinkgroup.com, with the subject “Help with travel”.
  3. Help Vital Link. The company is in its early stages, and has much potential. We have yet to be funded, but are looking for some investment. If you know of someone who is interested in investing in a startup venture, and in particular looking for a company with a social spin, put me in contact with them. There are more ways to help, so check them out here.
  4. Friend, follow, connect with me and Vital Link. The links are below, and any support you give, is worth a million bucks to me. Thanks

If you need any further persuasion -> On 30th November, 2010, I turn 21. That’s right, it’s my 21st, BABE-AY! So feel free to make it a 21st birthday present, I would appreciate it all the more.

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