Vital Link is a marketplace for good gifts – good for you, good for your friends, good the world, and good for people. We tap into the power of social networks – harnessing the efforts of individuals in the world to solve the world’s toughest problems. Vital Gifts, our first software solution, acts as an e-commerce platform on social networks, like Facebook. Being endorsed by major organisations, the World Fair Trade Organisation, the Fairtrade Labelling Organisation, the Global Poverty Project and the Fair Trade Association (Aus/NZ), gives us the credibility required to gain a global customer base. We are a group of young students – two software engineers and an accountant – so clearly we need you help.

Most importantly, we have launched Vital Gifts in NZ and Aus, but have big plans to get it into the USA and UK. To do that we need investment and assistance.

How can you help?

  1. Survey. How giving are you? We are completing a survey about the attitudes of people towards giving gifts online. We would appreciate you taking    3 min to complete the survey and help us strengthen our statistics for investors.
  2. Investment. We are seeking investment to give us the ability to expand to the USA and UK markets. To find out more about Vital Link Group visit our website. If you are interested in supporting a social enterprise of young entrepreneurs trying to solve poverty, and other world issues, please email me.
  3. Travel. In order to get going in the UK and USA we need to travel there and secure distribution with suppliers. We have set up a fund for you to help us in that endeavour, click here to donate to the cause. It is important for us to go overseas and make this a global solution, because we need the total efforts of the world to solve the world’s problems.
  4. Contacts. We need assistance and networks in the USA, UK, Europe and Canada (our future markets), as well as industry professionals in sustainability, game design, software development (with a focus on social networks), marketing and international market penetration.
  5. Support. We are already partnered with four major world organisations: the World Fair Trade Organisation, the Fairtrade Labelling Organisation, the Fair Trade Association and the Global Poverty Project. But, we are seeking to expand our partnerships and would appreciate any connections with organisations in sustainability, fair trade, ethics, organics and gifting. Please email me if you can assist in some way.
  6. Entrepreneurs. We are young aspiring entrepreneurs. We are learning the ropes and would appreciate feedback, help and conversations with fellow entrepreneurs. Find out about the team here. Please connect with us to get involved.
  7. Connect with us. Justin, Sam and Medha enjoy conversation. We love to talk about you, our passions, the issues and Vital Link. We want to hear from you, so please connect below.
  8. Vital Gifts. The easiest way for you to show your support is to send a gift on Vital Gifts. Vital Gifts is your marketplace for good gifts – good for you, good for your friends, good the world and good for people. Sending a gift shows us, your friends, and the world that you care. Make a difference today.

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